10 Amazing Space Inspired Tattoos


The humans ability to create stunning pieces of art knows no bounds, especially when everything’s your canvas. In this post you’ll find ten amazing Cosmic tattoo ideas that are completely mind blowing.


Carl Sagan Tattoo Sketch

Carl Sagan came at the perfect time. When the world needed inspiration, knowledge and a dream. This is why I believe that he will always be remembered. His life’s work transcended and escaped the confines of death.


The Universe Within

This amazing tattoo features an owl silhouette filled with the Cosmos.A boy sits in awe, as he witness the greatest show on the known Universe.


Simple Solar System Tattoo

Simple yet, breathtaking. A solar system tattoo in one color. Completely brilliant!


Moonlit Forest Tattoo

This chest tattoo is one of my favorites by far! It features a dark forest with a full moon lighting the scene. One of the most impressive moon tattoos I have seen!


Space Shuttle Tattoo

The iconic space shuttle has been retired, but it is still the most important piece in the space Era. This Space Shuttle tattoo makes brilliant use of colors to present the sky, clouds and the entire Shuttle in all his brilliance.


Crescent Moon Tattoo

A perfect tattoo for the not so bold. A Crescent Moon with a Galaxy inside. Subtle yet incredibly mysterious.


Tardis Galactic Tattoo Sleeve

I personally love tattoo sleeves. This one is amazing! Earth elements like the ocean, sand clashing against the Universe makes this piece something to write home about.


Galactic Pyramid Tattoo

I’m not fond of the evil eye, but this tatt is super rad! It has The eye inside the pyramid on a superbly detailed galactic background.


Meteor Hit Tattoo

A scene we hope to never see on real life. This tattoo features a meteor shower and an impact on what appears to be a forest or park of some kind.


Rib Space / Galaxy Tattoo

A beautiful picture of a beautiful-er tattoo.

This galactic tatt is really mind blowing and sexy. The Universe is something we’re not equipped to comprehend yet and this artwork makes me remember exactly that.

Instagram images courtesy of: @displaymytattoos @skograah @stardust182 @soutattoowork @estebanmartinezart @latricia_star @walkyourboy @everything_you_luv4 @blackrabbitartdesign @trevronious

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